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Cats Only Cat Boarding

Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel caters exclusively to cats, with both veterinary care & cats only cat boarding that’s quiet, serene, and low stress. We offer three levels of cat boarding, with one important common denominator: ALL cats boarding with us receive the same high level of quality care, feeding, and oversight. Since we have veterinarians and vet techs on premises, we’ll also administer medications as needed.


What Is Cats Only Cat Boarding?


When we say we offer cats only cat boarding, it means that there are no dogs or any species other than cats here. Cats will not experience stress at the sound of barking dogs, or the smell of a predator on the other side of the wall. It’s already stressful for cats to be placed into another environment instead of enjoying the comforts of home and their own beds. We do everything we can to make an unfamiliar environment comfortable and low-stress for your cats. In doing this, it also eases cat parents’ stress to know that their cats are comfortable, relaxed, and safe, while they’re traveling for business or pleasure.

Four Levels of Cats Only Boarding Available

Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel offers 4 levels of cat boarding, with varying services. Here’s a look at your options for cat boarding at our facility.

  • Cat Boarding Tier 1
    • Cost per night: $24/night
    • Tier 1 boarding is classic cat boarding in a comfortable, cat-friendly environment.
    • We ask pet parents to bring their cats’ only food, to reduce the risk of GI stress while away from home.
    • Feliway diffusers release calming pheromones in the boarding area to signal our feline guests that they’re in a safe place, even though they’re away from home.

  • Cat Boarding Tier 2
    • Cost per night: $27/night
    • Tier 2 Boarding has all the Tier 1 features plus additional enrichment and natural light.

  • Cat Boarding Tier 3
    • Cost per night: $31/night
    • Tier 3 Boarding has all the Tier 1 and Tear 2 features plus they are located in the front of the hospital with a view of all hospital visitors.  This is a great choice for outgoing cats that love to people watch.

  • Cat Boarding Suite
    • Cost per night: $40/night
    • Our Cat Suites offer even more room to explore, have a direct view of either outside or the central lobby, and have even more enrichment. You can choose the Fish Bowl Suite or the Savannah Suite.

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