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Free Cat Care Information

Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel’s expert veterinarians offer a wealth of free cat care information. In this section, you’ll find free cat health & cat care advice that’s designed to create more informed and knowledgeable cat parents. Check back every month for new information. Or sign up for our monthly cat care email.


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Cats Only Hospitals & Boarding

Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel

Why Should You Choose A Cats Only Hospital & Cats Only Boarding Facility

Check out this basic guide on why a cats only hospital & cats only boarding facility is a great option for many cats’ veterinary care and overnight boarding.

Low-Stress, Low-Restraint Techniques

Low Stress Handling for Cats | Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel

Cat Parent Guide to Low-stress, Low-restraint Handling Techniques

Learn about innovative, low-stress, low-restraint handling techniques that make your cat’s visit to Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel a pleasant, calm experience.

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