What Are The Benefits Of Cat-Exclusive Boarding?

When we say we offer boarding exclusively for cats, it means that there are no dogs or any species other than cats here. Cats will not experience stress at the sound of barking dogs, or the smell of a predator on the other side of the wall.

The boarding areas are quiet and clean. Cats do not have direct line of sight to unfamiliar cats. We serve them fresh food and water and attend to their litter boxes at least twice a day (even when closed on the weekend). Hotel guests receive attention and petting to their comfort level. The use of synthetic cat pheromones and music scientifically designed to calm cats help to round out a soothing experience for all of your cat’s five senses.

Since our staff is here at least twice every day, cats that are receiving regular medications will be able to maintain their normal schedule. You can rest assured that your cats are comfortable, relaxed, and safe while you’re traveling.

What Do I Need to Bring?

We ask all pet parents to bring their cat’s regular food in quantities sufficient for the length of their stay. This helps minimize GI upset and subsequent stress.

You may also wish to bring your cat’s own bedding or toys or other comforts from home, but please realize that these items can get lost if they need to be laundered or otherwise cleaned.

Rest assured, we have many blankets, towels, hiding boxes, toys, and other enrichment items to make your cat’s stay a comfortable one.

Four Comfy Levels Of Boarding Available

Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel offers multiple levels of boarding, with varying benefits. Here’s a look at your options for boarding at our facility.

For families with cats who prefer to be housed together, multiple cages can be opened to each other. Please ask one of our staff for details and options.

Tier 1

Cost per night: $25.50

Tier 1 boarding is classic cat boarding in a comfortable, cat-friendly environment. Each two-room suite is outfitted with comfy blankets, clean litter boxes, and shelves to climb.

Tier 2

Cost per night: $28.50

Tier 2 Boarding has all the Tier 1 features plus an additional room. The layout is either "townhouse" with vertical space or "ranch style," which is perfect for kitties with limited mobility.

Tier 3

Cost per night: $33.00

Tier 3 Boarding is comprised of a set of uniquely-designed rooms with lots of vertical space in the front of the hospital. This is a great choice for outgoing cats that love to watch people.

Tier 4

Cost per night: $42.00

Our suites offer additional space with high ceilings and even more natural light. You can choose the Fish Bowl or the Forest Suite. Both have carpeted cat condos and many shelves for exploration.

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