Meet Our Cat Vets & Staff | Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel
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Meet the Cat Vets & Staff of Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel

We invite you to read the bios and meet the cat vets, certified veterinary technicians, and client care coordinators at Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel. Our cat vets, and everyone on the staff, are a highly trained professionals who also happens to love cats, and understand how to care for them.

Aurora, CO Veterinarians

Ilan Waskow, DVM

Dr. Ilan Waskow was awarded his DVM by Oregon State University in 1995 and after moving to Colorado in 1998, knows that he never wants to leave. Dr. Waskow can’t remember a time when there weren’t at least 2 cats in his parents’ home. At 8 years old, he was shocked to open a closet and find the family’s Calico cat Psyche delivering a litter of kittens. After the kittens and new mama had a few days to catch a breath, Psyche allowed him to handle the newborns with her close supervision. These days, Martha rules the roost, keeping the dogs in line at every turn. Although the tabby spends most of her time with Dr. Waskow’s daughter Emily, she’s been known to perch on Dr. Waskow’s chest when he’s reading and loves to head-bunt in the mornings.

Dr. Leslie Dunham | Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora

Leslie Dunham, DVM

Dr. Leslie Dunham was graduated from Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013 and moved to Colorado in 2015. Her overall veterinary experience, however, dates back to 2007 when she started as a veterinary assistant. During those many years working in the veterinary field, she learned something very important about herself – she loves cats! She has a special interest in feline behavior and plans to specialize in feline medicine. She currently has 1 cat, Penny, who is famously included in the book Shake Cats, can sit on command, and skillfully steals food off of Dr. Dunham’s dinner plate on a regular basis.

Sarah Timmerman, DVM, CCRT

Dr. Timmerman was graduated from the University of Missouri with both a Bachelors degree in Animal Science as well as her Veterinary degree in 2014. After graduation she returned to Colorado, where she grew up, to begin practicing veterinary medicine. Though she was not fortunate enough to grow up with any feline friends, she loved playing with those kitties that belonged to her roommates in college and veterinary school. One of her most rewarding cases was caring for an elderly feline patient with congestive heart failure. With her advanced certification in rehab medicine, Dr. Timmerman is an excellent resource for treatment options for senior cats who don’t jump up on the counters quite as well as they once did.

Hospital Administrator

Veterinary Hospital Administrator | Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora

Jamie Davis, CVPM

Jamie has been working in veterinary medicine since high school and in 2008, she earned the distinction of Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM). Jamie has a deep love for cats that started way back when she turned 5 years old and got a kitten for her birthday. She had been asking for a kitten and named the new baby Ginger Snap, after her favorite cookie. Ginger was a sweet cat and tolerated being dressed up and pushed around in a doll stroller many times during her long life. Jamie feels a home is not complete without a cat in it and has been owned by a cat ever since. Her current reigning cats are Uno and Jackson.

Mike Rickert, Director of Client Care

After growing up in the small town of Ketchikan, Alaska, Mike moved to Colorado after high school. He has always had an affinity for animals and has been working in the veterinary field since 2005. He considers himself a “Cat Person” and he has been lucky enough to share his home with some wonderful cats. His favorite breed would have to be the orange tabby. Mike’s daughter Peyton is his pride and joy and she inherited her dad’s love for cats!

Veterinary Nurses

Certified Veterinary Technicians | Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora

Dawn Denison, CVT

Dawn is the youngest of 9 children. Growing up, the siblings would bring home several stray cats and their mother would never turn them away. One summer, they had 3 Queens that all had a litter of kittens within days of each other. It was the best summer ever with 32 kittens to take care of.

Certified Veterinary Technicians | Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora

Mark Borchers, CVT

Mark is a Montana native who didn’t grow up around cats but always found them fascinating. He chose Montana State University, home of the Bobcats, for an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. While living in Texas, his first cat was a tail-amputee named “Bob Cat.” (See a pattern here?) Later in life, he changed his career focus to animals and loves talking to clients about their four-footed friends and how he can help keep them healthy. He currently shares his home with his cat Queen Penelope, who rules the household but allows Mark to call her Penny.

Client Care Coordinators

Rachel Thatcher

Rachel has been working with animals her entire life. She grew up in 4H and Future Farmers of America and was a receptionist/caregiver in an animal shelter in Michigan before moving to Colorado. Her experience at the Humane Society taught her to have a keen eye for animal body language and behavior. Cats are her spirit animals because, when not otherwise occupied, they are both talented sleepers and eaters. Rachel has a vocal orange tabby named Michael StrayCat.

Ashley Bagaporo

Ashley has been a proud owner of cats for as long as she can remember. As a child, she helped her mother foster many kittens and cats, and each one was then adopted out to a loving family. She understands that cats are much different from dogs and require that soft touch in order to gain their trust and love. She currently has three cats, Lulu, Izzy, and Notte. Although each has a story, Notte’s is the most dramatic. Notte’s mother was carrying her across a busy road when a car hit the family. Notte’s mother suffered a broken leg, but Notte had received such horrible injuries, many didn’t think she would make it. Ashley’s family helped nurse the tiny kitten back to health and now five years later, Notte has claimed Ashley’s house for her own domain.

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