Cats Only Vet Clinic | Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel
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Learn About Aurora’s Cats Only Vet Clinic

Cats Only Vet Clinic | Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel | ColoradoAurora, Colorado’s premier cats only vet clinic, Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel was founded to provide a safe, comfortable, dog-free zone for cats to have veterinary care and boarding.


A Cats Only Vet Clinic Encourages Regular Veterinary Care

Did you know: research studies indicate that many cats rarely (or never) see a veterinarian because the experience of visiting a facility with unfamiliar, barking dogs leaves the cats terrified. It’s no surprise that devoted cat parents empathize with their cats’ fear, and often forego needed veterinary treatments to avoid exposing their cats to such stress.


It’s critical that cats receive regular check-ups and veterinary care to avoid serious long-term health problems. As “prey animals,” cats will hide illness to avoid any appearance of weakness. Unfortunately, hiding their illness or discomfort can lead to diseases that progress to later stages, making it more difficult to treat. Not only will those cats suffer from advanced disease that could have been prevented, but families of those cats are left devastated from the loss of their beloved feline family member.


Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel: A Short Drive Away

Another reason why cat owners often don’t take their cats to the vet is that it’s stressful for cats to ride in a car. For cat parents living in Aurora, Centennial, and Parker, the nearest cats only vet clinics are upwards of 30 minutes away. Let’s face it: a half hour of driving in a car is not a cat’s idea of a good day. We opened Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel so that cats in the Aurora, Centennial, and Parker, Colorado area have a local option for great veterinary care, without having to take a lengthy road trip.


Our Mission

We opened Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel to provide a cats only vet clinic so cats can receive health care and boarding in a safe, low-stress environment.

Need cat vet services from a team that focuses on cat care?
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