Cat Veterinary Hospital Tour | Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel
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Cat Veterinary Hospital Tour

Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel is an extraordinary facility serving as both a cat veterinary hospital and cats only boarding facility. We invited you to take a tour of our cat veterinary hospital, and you’ll see what makes Aurora Cat Hospital & Hotel so special for your cats.


Here’s a quick look at what makes this cat veterinary hospital & cat boarding facility so special:

  1. Veterinarians and vet techs with a special interest in caring for cats.
  2. A cats only focus (no dogs or other species set their paws in this facility)
  3. A facility designed from the ground up for the comfort & care of cats
  4. A cats only boarding facility with Feliway calming agents diffused through the air to “tell” your cats that this is a safe place…and more!
  5. A cat veterinary hospital where the staff have been trained in low-stress, low-restraint handling techniques to create low-stress visits & boarding for your cats…and more!

View The Facility 

Need cat vet services from a team that focuses on cat care?
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